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Sefer Shmot - Questions for Preparation

1. Based on what your remember from Sefer Shmot, make a very general outline of the Sefer. [Don't use more than six lines. In other words, try to divide the Sefer into approximately five distinct sections.]
How does each of those sections connect to each other?
[Are all of the mitzvot that were given to Moshe at Har Sinai recorded in Sefer Shmot? If not, which mitzvot are recorded, and which mitzvot are not?]

2. In our shiurim on Sefer Breishit, we identified its overall theme [i.e. "bechira" - God's choice of Avraham Avinu to become His special nation etc.].
In a similar manner, can you identify an overall theme for Sefer Shmot? If so, how does it relate to the theme of Sefer Breishit? [Be sure that the theme you choose can tie together all of its stories.]

3. See the first Ramban on Sefer Shmot. How does he answer the above two questions?
What basic assumption does Ramban make concerning the nature of each "sefer" of Chumash?
[See also the first Ramban on Sefer Vayikra, Sefer Bamidbar and Sefer Devarim.]

4. Where is the last instance when God speaks to Yaakov Avinu in Sefer Breishit? [If you give up, try Breishit 46:1-4.]
What was Yaakov worried about, and what is God's message to him in this "hitgalut?" Does this come as a surprise?
[Does this explain why Bnei Yisrael didn't return to Eretz Canaan once the famine was over?]
Where is the first time when God speaks to man in Sefer Shmot? [If you give up, try chapter three.] What is the God's message to Moshe in that "hitgalut?!"
Find both the textual and thematic parallel between this last hitgalut of Breishit, and the first hitgalut in Shmot.
Based on this parallel, explain the connection between Shmot and Breishit.

5. Would you say that Sefer Shmot is a continuation of the story of Sefer Breishit, or does it describe the fulfillment of God's covenant made with the Avot in Sefer Breishit? Explain your answer. [Relate to Breishit 15:13-18 and 17:1-10 as well.]
Based on your study of Sefer Breishit, what do you expect should happen in Sefer Shmot?
[Relate to the God's various promises to the Avot, especially 12:1-8, 13:15-18, 15:1-20, 17:1-11, 35:9- 13, 46:1-5, 48:21, 50:24-25.]

Now that you've prepared, go to the shiur.