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About the TSC

The Tanach Study Center is designed to provide the student with a structured learning program for self-study of Tanach. The site contains:

Ongoing Shiurim
Planned are ongoing weekly shiurim on Parshat Ha'Shavuah, Navi, and Special topics.

In order to help the development self study skills, each shiur will eventually contain five sections:

  1. Questions for preparation
  2. The shiur (a class)
  3. Related maps and blackboards (in *.gif format)
  4. Topics and Questions for Further Study.
  5. An ongoing (monitored) discussion group, based on comments by students on that specific shiur.

If you are studying a certain Parsha, Sefer, or Topic, the archive section will be helpful. Its shiurim are organized in two ways:

  1. By Sefer/Parsha
  2. By Topic
  3. By Jewish Holidays

For example:

    If you are looking for a shiur on Parshat Toldot, you would choose the "Archive by Sefer" option.
    If you are looking for a shiur on Rosh Ha'Shana, you would choose the "Archive by Jewish Holiday" option.
    If you are looking for a shiur on the Bet Ha'Mikdash, you would choose the "Archive by Topic" option.

Resource Material
The Student Center will utilize the various capabilities of the web in order to provide students with resource material to help self-study. Planned are:

Miscellaneous maps of the Land of Israel, helpful for understanding certain shiurim.
Key hebrew phrases and an annotated bibliography of the various commentators who are quoted in the shiurim.
The Virtual Blackboard
A graphic copy of the blackboard used in the classroom when teaching certain shiurim. Each Sefer in Tanach will have several 'blackboard' drawings which will be referred to in the shiurim.
Bulletin Board
To post announcements for students, and for students to ask questions or request information
The F.A.Q.
Answers to questions that are frequently asked by students
Special shiurim which explain the methodology used in the shiurim

Available Today
At this time, the archive and resource center are being developed. For the future, a variety of e-mail lists and ongoing shiurim are planned.

Planned Lists:
    Questions for preparation, for next week's shiur
    Shiur on Parshat Ha'Shavuah
    Shiur on the Haftara
    Weekly shiur on Nviim Rishonim, beginning with Yehoshua
    Questions for the 'Shabbos Table'
    Periodic shiurim on special topics, such as the Jewish Holidays
    A General Discussion group
    A Discussion Group for Teachers
    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)