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About Rabbi Avraham Leibtag

         Rabbi Avraham Leibtag was born in Brisk, Poland on Rosh Chodesh Shevat 5682 [1922]. In 1930 he emigrated together with his parents [Shmuel and Shayna Leibtag z"l]  and family to Hamilton, Ontario. At age 16, he enrolled in the first class of the Yeshiva High School in Toronto where he studied under the supervision of Rav Yaakov Kaminetsky zt"l. After completing High School, in 1941 Rabbi Leibtag moved to Baltimore Maryland, where he began his rabbincal studies at the Ner Israel Yeshiva of Baltimore, under the supervision of Rav Yaakov Ruderman zt"l.

         After receiving his semicha [ordination] in 1948 from Ner Israel Rabbincal College, and his Bachelor's degree from John Hopkin's University, Rabbi Leibtag took his first rabbincal position in Phillisburg, Pennsylvania. In 1953, he took a new position in Akron, Ohio, where he served as Rabbi of the Anshe Sfard Revere Road Congregation and as a leader of the Jewish community for over forty years, until his retirement in 1995.

         Rabbi Leibtag was also an active member of the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA).

         Rabbi Leibtag passed away on 5 Adar 5756 [1996] in Akron, Ohio, and was buried in Israel at the Gush Etzion Cemetery near Kfar Etzion. Rabbi Leibtag is survived by his wife Florence, and his children; David, Chaim, Menachem, Reena, and Adina.

    David, his wife Dassy, and their six children reside in Woodmere NY.
    Chaim, his wife Shelia, and their four children reside in Far Rockaway, NY.
    Menachen, his wife Thea, and their six children reside in Alon Shvut, Israel.
    Reena, her husband Paul Shindman, and their three children reside in Efrat.
    Adina, her husband Yehuda Rothner, and their six children reside in Cleveland, Ohio.