TSC Virtual ClassRoom


Welcome to the Tanach Study Center Virtual ClassRoom.


Shiurim in the Virtual ClassRoom (VCR) format consist of three parts:


        The text of the shiur (found on the left side of the screen)

        Slides accompanying the shiur (found on the right side at the top of the screen)

        Tanach in Hebrew (found on the right side at the bottom of the screen)


The text of the shiur is the same text as found in any of the other formats for the shiur (Word, text, etc.). To view the continuation of the text, simply scroll down with the scrollbar of the left frame on the page (or scroll with the scroll button of the mouse, but make sure first to click inside the frame so the proper frame will scroll).


The slides of the shiur were created using PowerPoint. The slides are intended to serve as a visual aid to help both understand and summarize the shiur. If the browser asks "Would you like to open the file or save it to your computer?" choose to open the file. For users who do not have PowerPoint installed, a free viewer can be downloaded from The Microsoft Home Page. If you have trouble viewing the slides, contact the Webmaster.


The Tanach on this site is taken from Mechon Mamre. If the text appears too small in the window, enlarge the browser's font size (in Internet Explorer, click View | TextSize and choose a larger size). Note that other prakim and sefarim of the Tanach may be displayed by clicking on the appropriate links at the top or bottom of the frame.


Contact the Webmaster with any problems, questions or comments.