Parshat Vayeshev -
Who Really Sold Yosef?

(To prepare for this shiur,
see the questions for self study.)

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After throwing your brother into a pit to die, would you be able to sit down to eat? Yosef's brothers did, as the Torah tells us (see 37:24-25)!

However, the Torah does not tell us if they sat near the pit, listening to Yosef's screaming and pleading, or if they sat far away from the pit, to enjoy some peace and quiet.

So what difference does it make?

Believe it or not, this tiny detail affects our understanding of almost every aspect of the story that ensues. In this week's shiur, as we study the story of Yosef and his brothers, we will entertain each of these two possibilities - showing how this 'missing detail' leads several commentators to conclude that the brothers may never have sold Yosef after all!

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