Yosef 'Had' a Dream
Alternatively, one could suggest that Yosef, because he was sold by his brothers, simply feels 'rejected' by his family. Despite his father's love for him, he may have preferred to begin a new life, even if it meant that his father would miss him, rather than face returning to live with his brothers. [That is definitely a very understandable reaction for a seventeen year old.]

In any case, and irregardless of what may have transpired at home since he was sold, Yosef is convinced that he has been abandoned by his family. He accepts this fate, and decides to lead his own life, cut off from his family and childhood dreams. Just as Eisav established Edom, Yosef will make a name for himself in Egypt. He can even bring the name of God into society in his own way, despite not being part of the Chosen Nation.

This tragic misunderstanding can explain why Yosef, even after rising to power, never contacted his family.

All this suddenly changes some twenty years later when Yosef recognizes his brothers when they come down to Egypt to buy grain. As they bow down before him, Yosef suddenly remembers his long forgotten dreams. Should Yosef dismiss this as pure coincidence, or should this partial fulfillment of his childhood dreams lead him to reconsider his earlier conclusions?

With this background, we now attempt to explain Yosef's plan.